Forth Command Line and Programming Language.

Simulated old computer terminal screen showing a code snippet in Forth.


Embeddable Forth Command Interpreter

  • 2014-Apr-25
    — Miscellaneous bug fixes to the search order words (they were really broken).
    — A linked list of all wordlists in the system.
    — Prettier printing of errors.
    — Optimize COMPILE, by unwrapping tokens (primitives).
  • 2014-Apr-21
    — SLITERAL is an IMMEDIATE word.
  • 2014-Apr-14
    — Complain if a name is being redefined.
    — Improvements which words exists and what they do when the compiler is not included.
    — CASE
    — Per thread (per run time context) USER variables.
  • 2014-Apr-12
    — First posted version.


This example is no longer maintained.

There is a much better example on the JaeOS website in the downloads section.

Last updated: June 2, 2016